This section is different from the military clothing because here we expose our productions for the police equipement. You will find uniforms, police boots / shoes and police accessories made from high quality and premium material. We are dedicated to our customers, which is why our police equipments are comfortable and durable. Raff Military Textile exports finished products to Africa, the Middle East, the Balkans and other countries.

Police and military supplier and manufacturer of Military clothes and equipment are very well organised as the request of high Standard from the different military countries . Each country has his own standart , design and request of stichting . Millitary supplier and manufacturer must take into account all these request to deliver the high performing products to each military countries . The design of pattern for each country can be changed according the request from the Military Supplier and Manufacturer of Military clothes and equipment . All aspects must be details to fit absolutly the request of the clients. Military Supplier and Manufacturer of Military clothes and equipment must have big know how and experience in all aspects of the products and must also add good creativity and also use adequate materials.

The materials used in the production process of police clothing must be of high quality materials. In addition, these clothes must be strong and not cause health problems. RAFF which manufactures and sells all the clothes, accessories, etc. police, is one of the most important companies able to meet all police needs thanks to its high quality and solid materials.

Raff Military Textile sells suits, military shirts, military boots, police uniforms, police equipments, promotional gadgets for public and private institutions, special technical clothing for the private sector in Turkey. In addition, police equipments such as police jackets, police and soldier hats, police handcuffs, soldier helmets, military vests and a soldier’s tent are also included in the products manufactured and sold by Raff Military Textile.