To guarantee the security and peace of the country, we produce police equipment to supply the policewomen and policemen of your country. Always be prepared for accidents, fires, natural disasters, and any other emergency calls from your country with this sturdy, comfortable, and long-lasting police equipment. Thanks to the materials used, we offer you superior quality police equipment at reasonable and competitive prices. Our professionals adopt the design and production process to the demands of each client. In other words, we manufacture tailor-made police equipment, according to your specifications and the decision taken by the General Staff of your country.

Choose the model, materials, fabrics, and colors and our experts will make police equipment that meets your expectations. To deliver your products, all you have to do is choose the means of transportation and the service provider you want, or you can handle this process yourself. We have dedicated a whole category to police equipment because we are aware of its importance. At Raff Military Textile, we have segmented this section into three parts to make it easier for you to navigate.

The first part of police equipment is dedicated to policewomen and policemen’s clothing, such as police uniforms, police overalls, jackets, sweaters, coats, tracksuits, skirts, and t-shirts. Our combination of materials is as usual cotton and polyester, it gives the clothes a soft touch, a lightweight, and breathability. You decide the percentage of each material according to your country. The more the weather is hot, the more we have to use cotton. We sell either the whole set or individual pieces to meet the needs of all customers. Consequently, if your police unit needs just a jacket and pants, we can provide them.

As women are more and more present in the defense sector, we make clothes adapted to different female morphologies. Our goal is to provide you with comfortable and convenient police equipment regardless of your gender. Each piece of police equipment must fulfill a specific function, which is why we have uniforms for training, riot defense, office work, etc. We pay particular attention to weather conditions. The members of the police will also work in the field, hence the importance of taking into account the climate of their environment when choosing the materials and fabrics of these police equipment. It is for this reason that you will find police clothing intended for winter and others more intended for summer.

The second section of police equipment is dedicated to police shoes. Boots, rangers, ankle boots, in short, all types of shoes are available at Raff Military Textile. Be ready for your next patrol with our sturdy and practical boots. As they are light, you will never feel their weight. Walk, run and do all your physical activities at ease. In addition, we have shoes for office work as well as formal ceremonies and events. Black or white leather shoes depending on your police branch will be perfect to complete your police outfit. And for women? Don’t worry, we have designed chic heels to match your dress. Of course, clothes and shoes are essential to equip a police officer for his various daily tasks. Yet, they are not sufficient to accomplish them effectively. Hence the importance of police accessories.

In the last section of police equipment, we have reflective vests in different colors, caps, and hats to protect you from the sun’s rays, and helmets to block the debris of explosions and reduce the impact of possible shocks. In addition, you need defense sticks or so-called police batons during riot operations to avoid direct contact and blows that you may receive from attackers. Therefore, this police gear will make it easier for you to defend and immobilize the attacker. Protecting yourself comes first!

To bring your police equipment, we have designed strong and durable bags for handcuffs, pistols, ammunition, and baton. Stay prepared with these police gear pouches for any emergency call. Thigh, shoulder, belt, ankle, and chest gun holsters are all available at Raff Military Textile, to give you quick and easy access to your weapon. We use leather and Ripstop to provide you with cut and tear-resistant police gear. With the help of Velcro closures or snaps, you can fasten it quickly and walk or jump without having to worry about your weapon.

We have designed these accessories intending to make it easier for you to transport your flashlight, your knives, your pistols, your radio, or any other police equipment. The models on our website are all custom-made products for our previous customers. If you need another design, you can communicate with us your product description and we will make the same. If you need additional information about police equipment or want to place an order, do not hesitate to contact us via our social media accounts or on WhatsApp. Our customer support is always at your service.