Ranks and epaulettes are common military insignia or decorative accessories that soldiers wear in their uniforms, especially in military ceremony events. In our collection, you can find a wide variety of ranks and epaulettes for any type of military uniforms, but notably for ceremonial uniforms worn by officers.

Officers typically dress in all of these decorative accessories when participating in events or festivities. As is the case with all other items that are utilized in this manner, they have to be manufactured using components that are capable of delivering a high level of product quality. These kinds of accessories are still utilized by the military organizations. Regarding the hierarchical system that is utilized by the army, this aspect of the soldier’s rank is what determines the position that the soldier plays in the army.

Epaulettes are a type of military accessory that is worn on the wearer’s shoulders. This particular style of ornamental component is only worn on a select few military uniforms, most notably for parades and festivities. Epaulettes might come in a wide variety of styles, patterns, and colors, depending on the particular alteration that was made. Typically, epaulettes are available in a variety of bright hues. This is done to create a level of elegance beyond that of normal military ceremonial suits. Decorated with military epaulettes, the ceremonial suits are certain to grab the attention of every guest.


Sewing or using velcro are the most common ways of application. These methods are utilized in the process of applying our military ranks to a wide variety of textiles. The epaulettes are held in place thanks to the use of two elastics. The characteristics of the uniform must be met to ensure proper application and deliver the highest possible level of satisfaction to the clients. Both models have the same application time, temperature, and pressure values. With this method, cotton, polyester, lycra, and denim without any coating can be applied to fabrics.


One of the primary functions of military badges and patches is the identification of individual military soldiers. They can be utilized to determine the individual’s name, the command to which they belong, or any other pertinent information. Badges and patches with military insignia are common attire for members of the military, security forces, private security, and police. Badges that display the name of the company for which they work are frequently worn by employees in private security firms.


A brevet is a warrant that confers a higher rank title on a commissioned officer as a reward for heroism or excellent achievement. A brevet, on the other hand, may not grant the authority, precedence, or remuneration of actual rank. This is true in many military organizations around the world. When an officer achieved such a promotion, he or she was said to have been brevetted (for example, “he was brevetted major general”). Following the promotion, the officer’s title would be altered to reflect the promotion.

Our military brevets come in many sizes, colors, and military patterns. Brevets can be issued for any rank, such as brevet brigadier general or brevet lieutenant. Because the regulations for getting a military brevet differ by country, we can develop and manufacture customized military brevets for each client.


Military lanyards are worn over a soldier’s shoulders. Military lanyards are worn on the left shoulder in some countries, but on the right in others. Military lanyards should, in general, connect the buttons on the ceremony uniform after crossing below the epaulettes, across the shoulder, and back to the buttons. Similarly, the rules of each nation determine which color should be used for military lanyards.

We only use the best materials that are currently available to make military lanyards. Soldiers and high-ranking officers in the military have to wear the best accessories and decorations for their uniforms. Especially if the lanyards are required by the law in a certain country. Our company is one of the most important ones in Turkey that makes military textiles.


Turkey’s manufacturing industry produces some of the highest-quality textiles in the world. Raff Military Textile is an industry leader in the creation of military badges, patches, ranks, epaulettes, brevets, and lanyards. We use the most advanced technology available, which enables us to guarantee error-free manufacturing, rapid delivery, and superior support for our clients.

Our company manufactures military badges, patches, ranks, epaulettes, brevets, and lanyards for a variety of nations around the world. We can create military badges, patches, ranks, epaulettes, brevets, and lanyards in any design imaginable. We carry an extensive variety of military insignia in our catalog, as well as the finest textiles available for use in the production of military badges, patches, ranks, epaulettes, brevets, and lanyards.