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Turkey is one of the leading textile manufacturing and exporting countries in the world. In recent years, it has positioned itself as the Eurasian giant and established as the largest exporters of garments and textiles (including military textiles) in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Faced with this event, the military uniforms and military textile industry have strengthened in Turkey, so the advances in this market have been considerable and the production and delivery processes have accelerated.

Raff Military Textile is one of the leading companies in the military textile market, in addition to consolidating itself as one of the best military uniform manufacturers of military equipment and military clothing in Euroasia, so many countries in the Middle East, Africa and Europe have boosted their confidence to the company to make the products they want and deserve.

Raff Military Textile military clothing is made with high quality and first-class materials. We are dedicated to our customers, that’s why our military products and military uniforms are comfortable and durable. We have divided our products into five sections (military uniforms, military boots/shoes, military suits, military sportswear, and military accessories), so you can check on the specific item you want.

Raff Military Textile produces army uniforms as camouflage uniforms in different kinds of colors, design patterns, and aspects. In the same way, as we know the importance of the quality of army textile and footwear for generals and soldiers, you will find so many types of military boots in any different shapes, colors and for any kind of environment.

Our company is specialized in military clothing, army textile, and military equipment, adapting them to the specifications of international quality standards for uniform designs and sampling clothes. We are mainly active in the African continent and Middle East countries; one of our targets is to expand to Latin America.

Our company is focused on exportation, and healthy communication and relationship with our customers. Raff Military Textile has been continuously improving it’s quality and management system.

Nowadays, the Turkish fabric industry has competitive advantages in international markets, in particular in terms of its technology, the wide range of products and the quality, design, and creativity, in our case, for military clothing. In addition to the good development of its structure, our company employs highly qualified personnel. It also has great flexibility and capacity to modernize its production and adapt to technologies to improve the military equipment. This capacity allows the industry to reduce its reaction time to changes in the demand of consumers in international markets, so the Turkish textile industry satisfies its customers by fulfilling and satisfying their needs with the quality of products and the solid capacity of its quick response service and timely deliveries.

A large part of fabric production is based on cotton and polyester. Turkey's textile and synthetic textile industry also represents a sector with good development.

The geographical position is ideal for the export of products since being in a strategic area bordering Europe, Asia, and Africa, it can reach more countries covering more commercial areas, lowering prices and bringing products in less time than habitual.

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Soldier Camouflage

One of the things that shows if something is good or not is the quality of the products with which it was made. That’s why working with the best materials is always important, especially if you’re wearing it. This is something the military takes into account when buying military clothing from textile companies, what type of fabrics they use, and the technology being employed in developing better, stronger, and more durable military clothing. >>
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