Raff Military Textile was founded about half a century ago, our company specializes in the production of military clothing, thanks to this we have become one of the leading producers of military textiles in the Turkish sector. Over the past few years, our company has begun to offer its products to customers on three continents, achieving great success, thanks to the design and manufacture of excellent quality items such as military uniforms, police and security equipment.


With our military garments, we have been able to insert and obtrude ourselves with great success in the national market, we manufacture and deliver our products to official institutions, specialized technical uniforms to private companies and promotional products to organizations.


We have exported military and police uniforms, as well as accessories and equipment to public and private institutions all over the world, with great success in African countries, the Middle East, the Balkans, Asia and many more. We align ourselves to the standards of the National Legal Legislation, we offer our products and services according to the needs and expectations of the client, we are also in the pursuit of continuous improvement of our system of management and quality.