If you are looking to collaborate with a company specialized in the manufacture of high quality military and institutional clothing. Raff military textile is the right address. You can contact us in a very simple way and get all the products you need. Raff’s products are well segmented, we have clothes, boots and other equipment for our three sections (military, police and institutional). We collaborate with several countries in the world such as the Balkan countries, the Middle East and Africa.

Raff military textile has for centuries produced a range of military products of irreproachable quality and with very affordable prices. In this section of products, we present you an array of products that are dispatched in several categories; Military equipment, Police equipment, Corporate clothes product

Police coats, firemen jackets, clothes or equipment for private or governmental agencies, Raff Military Textile produces a wide range of clothes, shoes and other accessories. Although army textile clothes are the most popular ones, our company also produces clothing equipment made with first-class materials and high-quality fabrics.