Steel Air Breathing Tube Set / 2681

Product Code: 2681

Steel Air Breathing Tube Set

Firefighter Supplies

It is produced to protect people against the dangers in the air they breathe for the purpose of fighting fire in hazardous industrial working environments or in environments where firefighting works are carried out and fire gases and smokes are present.

There are specially designed tube breathing systems that fall into the 89/686/EEC Personal Protective Equipment class.
It complies with EN 137 TYPE 2 / EN 139 standards and is CE marked.
Complies with the MED directive
It is a complete set including Vision 3 Positive Pressure Full Face Mask + Sigma 2 Carrier Plate and Demand Valve.
The Sigma 2 Type 2 set is a simple and reliable two-stage pneumatic system.
Especially at high flow rates, the first breath activated positive pressure valve provides excellent performance with low breathing resistance.
The pressure reducing valve has only two moving parts, as the first stage it accepts a cylinder pressure of 300 bar without adjustment.
First breath activation ranges from -20 to -30 mbar.
Static positive pressure is between 1.0 – 4.0 mbar.
Includes non-adjustable, spring-loaded piston mechanism and first stage pressure reducing valve with outlet feed.
The maximum working pressure is 450 bar.
The minimum burst pressure is 800 bar.
Length 600mm, Width 278mm, Depth (with 6.0 liter 200 bar cylinder) 200mm.
An easily removable bronze filter is used in the cylinder (tube) connection assembly.
It has a 55 bar early warning whistle and a shoulder mounted pressure gauge.
Equipped with hand-locked handwheel valve.
It has a free air capacity of 1860 liters, provides 46 minutes of use.