When you present yourself to the world, you look for an element that identifies you from the rest, a hairstyle, some nice shoes, glasses, but, you put special care in the clothes you wear, because not only the color and style defines you also the quality and the finishes are remarkable for the world. With the armed forces, the same thing happens, the military and ceremonial uniform must show the elegance and discipline of the organization that accredits the soldiers to wear them.

Raff Military Textile is a company that not only makes elegant military and ceremonial uniforms but also handles first quality materials (cotton, wool, poly-viscose, polycotton, among others) that are felt from the first time you try them on. Our embroidery with gold and silver threads stand out wherever you look at them, as well as the colors we use in the different camouflage fabrics for the military uniform that allows us to adapt our designs to any country.